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out of the house

When did you last leave the house? When did you last get out of the house? It is really easy to get caught in a rut, if you are working alone or online a lot. Even if you go out for work, or other things during the day, it can be hard to remain motivated […]

What is your social media strategy?

social strat

Do you have a plan? Do you ever find yourself spending far too much time on social media and not actually getting anywhere? This week we are talking all about social media strategy. Covering 3 main topics: – Which platform should I be on? – How often should I be posting? – What should I […]

Are you Focused?


…oooh look, pretty shinny thing… I know what it’s like, trust me, I know it very, very well. I have a head full of ideas, so much I want to do, so many projects I want to work on… But all that happens is you go around and around in circles. Focus, one project, one […]

What does success mean to you?


It is so easy to get lead by other peoples dreams, values and beliefs… especially with the world of social media. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of what someone else wants, or what someone else has. It is easy to think that you are supposed to want that to. But […]

Book 16: Humans of New York

Book 16- Humans

If you’ve ever followed “Humans of New York” on Facebook, then you’ll love this book (and if you don’t follow them on Facebook, you really should!) It’s a wonderful reminder of how we are all human, all going through our own things… and how you should never judge someone from the outside. If you want […]

Book 15: How to be free

Book 15

I stumbled across this one in the library (as I have with several of the books so far this year). It looked a little tattered and well loved, always the sign of a good read. I must admit, this one really got me thinking. “How to be free” looks at how to free yourself from […]

Book 14: Stop not til the goal is reached

Book 14

If you haven’t heard of Maha Sinnathamby, then it is well worth looking him up. This is a man on a mission, who will let nothing stop in his way. A man with a vision, to create a new city, with amazing health and education services. A man with one hell of a story of […]

Course Vs Membership Site

Course vs membership

What is the difference between a course and a membership site? This week we are taking a look at the difference between a course and a membership site. These words get thrown around a lot at the moment, but what do they really mean? What is the difference? And which should you have? Watch this […]

Are you being kind to yourself?

being kind

How do you treat you? Are you being kind to yourself? This week is a little personal, but timely, as I realised that the way I talk to myself and treat myself, if far meaner than I would ever be to anyone else. So I challenge you, to look at the way you treat yourself. […]

The 92 Day Challenge

92 day challenge

The Challenge is set This week, I’m going to let the video speak for itself. I’m going to make July, August and September my BIGGEST months ever, and I actively encourage you to join me in doing the same. I’ll be sharing the progress on my Facebook page, and in the free #RealLifeBiz group so […]