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The 3 key elements to sell your Course

3 keys to sell

Let’s look at the 3 keys to helping it sell You’ve got a course, and you’ve got a list… now it’s time to get it to sell. Today – let’s look at 3 things that are going to help your course. Now… honestly… There are lots of things that you can do to help your […]

Grow your list, Sell your Course

Grow your list

So you’ve got an amazing course… who do you sell it too? I come across a lot of people who’ve built a wonderful course or workshop, but have no participants. Course creation is a great way to build your business (of course I am going to say that, I’m biased) but you need to have […]

Running Live Workshops


Plus there is a handy template for you down below… That’s right, there are real people out there, people who are happy to come and sit with you face to face. In the world of online business and online training, I think some people forget the sheer power of having someone physically in the room […]

Do you feel like an Imposter?


Imposter Syndrome? Do you ever feel like an imposter? That feeling you get, that you’re not the person people think you are, that you are not enough? I was doing an interview for the “Not Another Small Business Show” podcast, and I was asked if I ever felt like an imposter. I stopped for a […]

It’s OK to ask for help

Ask for help

I’m going to be really open and honest with you this week… I’ve been struggling with my weight for well over a year now. I’ve put on quite a lot of weight, likely due to spending much more time at a computer now. After months of making promises to myself (more like a year and […]

Feeling Overwhelmed and Confused?


Are you feeling completely overwhelmed? It is very easy to feel overwhelmed with the number of things that everyone is telling you that you SHOULD be doing in your business. You should be doing Facebook live, you should be doing Periscope, you should be doing Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram, and… and… and… The thing […]

Are you doing the work?

Doing the work

It’s time to be honest now… Are you being productive right now? Well, not RIGHT NOW, obviously… because you are reading this. But I mean, before this and after this, were you using your time well? After spending last week on the beach at Stradbroke, I was glad to get back to the office. I […]

Courses, Membership Sites and Laptop Lifestyles

laptop lifestyles

You know that I call bullshit on work/life balance This weeks mini training is coming to you from the beautiful Stradbroke Island. If you swam East of here, there is nothing but water and then Chile (it would be a VERY long swim!) This week I wanted to talk to you all about laptop lifestyles […]

Do you have enough content for a course?

enough content

Do you? Let’s do a little bit of Q and A Last week I was asked by a lady (who shall remain nameless, but she know’s who she is)… “I’m worried I don’t have enough content, what if I don’t have enough?” And I’ll be honest. I hear this A LOT. I hear incredible people, […]

Book 12: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Book 12- Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Book 12 in the 52 books in 52 weeks series Can I start by saying – I loved this book! I read it as a follow up to Rich Dad, Poor Dad and I think it really took some time to go into mindset, beliefs and thought processes that Rich Dad, Poor Dad skimmed across. […]