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Creating a course that works: Episode 1


Welcome to the “Creating a Course that works” Mini Series You might have heard me say it before… and I am sure that you will hear me say it again. If you are going to create your own course, then the first and most important step is getting really clear on who you are writing […]

Do you feel like you’re not enough?


Today’s video is very honest… I spent the weekend at ProBlogger, and while I had an amazing time it also taught me a lot about myself. The truth is, I spent a lot of time feeling like I wasn’t enough. Like I wasn’t a big enough speaker. Like I was among people who were a […]

Are you stuck?

Stuck in a hole

On location: My wonderful friend Rebekah Allan shared this concept with me at the beginning of the year, and this weekend I had a great reminder of it. The journey to success it like a U-shape. From the top you can see your goal on the other side, it looks close. The beginning of the […]

Book 20 : One Minute Manager

Book 20

Let’s start the One Minute Series I like the One Minute Manager series. They are short and snappy. Quick and easy to read, with a couple of good underpinning principles. Don’t over look these books. They may be a little dated now, but the content is still valuable. They may be short and easy to […]

Book 19 Get Rich Lucky Bitch

Book 19

It’s time for a little DDT I’ll be honest here, I’ve read this one in the past. But I skimmed through it, and didn’t do all the things that the book asked me to do. So I decided that it was time to read it again, and to take some time over it and really […]

Book 18 : Whole

Book 18

Time to be “Whole” I had been listening to the Whole audio book in the car. I’ll be honest with you here, this one was a little hard going. The content was great, and it really raised some interesting points. I love the fact that it is written from a scientific point of view, and […]

Book 17 : The Wealth Chef

Book 17- The Wealth Chef

As you would know by now, if I read non-fiction books, then I do love a good step by step. The Wealth Chef provides that by the bucket load. Great financial information, easily explained in a way that makes sense (pictures and diagrams included for all of you visual learners out there). Handy step by […]

Courses are NOT passive income

not passive income

This weeks mini training is more of a rant… I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I feel the need to say it again. Courses are not (necessarily) passive income. Your students need support. They’ll have questions before the process, may need help logging in and getting set up. They’ll have questions and need guidance […]

Workshops, retreats and events

out of the house

When did you last leave the house? When did you last get out of the house? It is really easy to get caught in a rut, if you are working alone or online a lot. Even if you go out for work, or other things during the day, it can be hard to remain motivated […]

What is your social media strategy?

social strat

Do you have a plan? Do you ever find yourself spending far too much time on social media and not actually getting anywhere? This week we are talking all about social media strategy. Covering 3 main topics: – Which platform should I be on? – How often should I be posting? – What should I […]